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Listen Here Wolfchild!!! I am Taokow, I live in the past, for hope of tomorrow’s days; I wait for Vritra’s stone to burst …transforming  "Da"  into  lightning, Frogs, and Lord Krishna’s Flute …I speak of the science of mythology… I speak of maverick deviation and the psychotronic love Commandos!

…I speak of all things Electric and days hearkening to the Mansion.

…I speak of the Ghosts of ’75 and Zap City Freaks.

…I called out from the Red Room and she was there!

…Wildflower…I’m crazy ‘bout you!!!

Alfred answers the Plastic Fantastic Lobster Telephone

…Holy peacedogs! Bantam! We’re falling from the sky!

The sacred Heart burns bright!

I am the devourer of worlds and creator of Universes…

We are cannibals feasting in Valhalla at the Table of the Gods…Odin is let loose!

…Thor is dead…Come on Baby, Don’t fear the reaper…we’ll be able to fly!

Dream your destiny…demand the impossible!

…Can you Dig it?!


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